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A legend in the tough city of brotherly love, Slaughter Rico’s most known track to date claims he’s a “5 Dollar N*gga”…but his true talent is priceless. The YouTube video for the aforementioned track has garnered over 1 million views to date. The exposure from this video alone, a sharp, incredibly impressive display of polished skill, has understandably brought Rico a ton of attention, and it’s been a long time coming.

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june, 2024

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Overcoming rumors of his death during a two-year prison bid, Rico’s undying hunger to succeed in the industry is audible in his focused delivery. Noting classic influences such as Nas, 2Pac and Redman, the witty emcee has been rhyming for over 15 years and it shows. Rico’s mastery of his technique is undeniable. A pioneer in the street battle rap scene, Slaughter Rico certainly earned his name by utterly slaughtering every opponent put in front of him, some with just one line. But where Rico’s true gift shines is in songwriting, demonstrating his natural abilities over beats. In the words of the rapper himself, he’s “not just saying something”; rather, Slaughter Rico has “something to say”.

His debut EP “I Need Part$”, released independently in February 2015, showcases the diversity of Rico effectively in just 6 tracks. From braggadocious bangers showing off his busy, rapid fire flow like “Number One Contender” to deep, heartfelt songs with R&B choruses like “Down the Drain”, there is no denying Rico’s artistry. His precise multi syllabic style never sacrifices conveying whatever emotion he chooses to. Boasting production from East Coast heavyweight Mr. Green, as well as up and comers such as Rob Devious and Rockin’ Roland, “I Need Part$” is a more than solid EP…but according to Rico, his upcoming album “Tomorrow’s Not Promised” will be “three times that”.

There’s no limit to what Slaughter Rico can offer in the studio or on stage. The veteran spitter looks forward to becoming a national and global legend outside of his native Philadelphia, and with the music he’s been working on, clearly he’s well on his way to it. It’s amazing how far you can get with only five dollars.