PREMIERE: Ren Thomas & Skrewtape ft. MiilkBone – “Keep It Real 2015″ (video)

WORLD PREMIERE of video for Ren Thomas and Skrewtape‘s “Keep It Real 2015″ not only pays homage to 95’s iconic Jersey classic but features original artists MiilkBone. After 20+ years invested Miilk shows no sign of stopping. The original sample shine while artists effortlessly ride the ebbs and flows over Witta C‘s rendition of this classic beat. Video drop falls in conjunction with the Sensi-Starr release of Ren and Skrew’s northeast tested crowd approved EP ‘Don’t Be Mad‘ available for download off iTunes TODAY! EP is the preface in a two part collaboration being followed up by ‘UPS Is Hiring’ comin not soon enough.

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