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Ghetto MC, government name James Johnson, is from Staten Island, NY and resides in Paterson, NJ. Born on Valentine’s Day, his love for Hip-Hop formed growing up in the same neighborhood as Wu-Tang Clan, Shyiem, King Just, and more. Encouraged by a middle school teacher to put his artful, thought-filled poems to music, Ghetto began rhyming early on in the WondaGh3ddon/Tre Pound clique and released his first mixtape, Direct Approach. Later, with the help of Glomgold who introduced him to The Uncanny, his talent emerged on projects such as G=MC2, lending a strong backbone to the Sensi Starr roster.

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march, 2023

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“My music captures the essence of ‘ghetto.’ Anything you can think of that’s ghetto, that’s me. Like, I’ve had the same clothes on for three days ‘cause I’m on the grind. But the ghetto is also alive and filled with beauty…” – Ghetto

Ghetto says projects like Sensi Starr Smoke Sessions Vol. 1 and partner J.O.’s new album,The Mushroom Chronicles VI, help keep him relevant via touring and features. Quality over quantity is key for Ghetto, who doesn’t rush material but focuses on getting it right. Fans and newcomers can look forward to the fashion aficianado’s new material in 2014 with Buckwild from DITC and his own solo project featuring various industry producers.