Ghetto MC has posted the video for “That U Mang” off his new mixtape album, “The Ghetto Blaster Project Vol. 1” online at The album is set for release through Sensi-Starr Records on September 1st, 2015. The effort will feature production work by Ali Armz, Quasi, ILL Clinton and Anonamess, as well as guest appearance by Jym Kelly.

“Naturally when we think Ghetto Blaster we think a big Boom Box. But, for me when I think Boom Box I think back to when DJ’s were breaking records, staying up late taping Stretch and Bobbito, Marley Marl, Red Alert, going uptown or Brooklyn and coping DJ Clue, S &S, DooWop, Tony Touch tapes for them exclusives that nobody has and taking them to the block and showing off to the homies,” said Ghetto. “For us it was a competition who had the more exclusive songs. It’s the part of hip-hop I miss the most. So, in essence the Ghetto Blaster is that. It’s also my first tape in six years and my first Sensi-Starr effort. If I had to describe it in one word it would bars! A lot of them.”

Ghetto MC, government name James Johnson, is from Staten Island, NY and resides in Paterson, NJ. Born on Valentine’s Day, his love for Hip-Hop formed growing up in the same neighborhood as Wu-Tang Clan, Shyiem, King Just, and more. Encouraged by a middle school teacher to put his artful, thought-filled poems to music, Ghetto began rhyming early on in the WondaGh3ddon/Tre Pound clique and released his first mixtape, Direct Approach. Later, with the help of Glomgold who introduced him to The Uncanny, his talent emerged on projects such as G=MC2, lending a strong backbone to the Sensi Starr roster. Ghetto MC is part of the impressive growing Sensi Starr roster that includes Adlib, Skrewtape, Ren Thomas, J.O The Last Man, and Burke The Jurke.

The track listing for “The Ghetto Blaster Project Vol. 1” is as follows:
1 – Play My Song prod. by Untytled
2 – Ghet Hi prod. by Cimer Amor
3 – Ghetto Blaster prod. by Quasi
4 – Killer Cop prod. by King Shon
5 – Wrap A Rapper prod. by Ali Amrz
6 – Walk Thru (SCL/Tre mix)
7 – Talk My Shhh prod. by Cimer Amor
8 – Full Retard ft. Jym Kelly prod. by Anonamess
9 – Skinny City prod. by Cimer Amor
10 – That U Mang prod. by ILL Clinton
11 – Lite It prod. by Lazlo
12 – That’s What’s Up prod. by DG
13 – GhettoSuperStupidDopeFreshGnarly prod. by Anonamess
14 – Smoking Haze (SCL/Tre Mix)
15 – F.O.H prod. by Lazlo