The Village Voice has compiled their list of the Top 25 Weed songs for smoker’s. The list is a little bit controversial as they omitted some killer weed songs. Check out the top 5 below and the Top 25 picks online at so spark it up. 1. N.O.R.E., “Married To Marijuana” Using the the analogy of weed as a girl, N.O.R.E. breaks down the relationship with his bottom bitch,

The Doctor is in the house to give his insights on the Jamba Juice strain courtesy of Daddys Pipes & Collective. Will the strain meets the doctors standards or will it be send back with a note to improve?

Legendary comedy duo Cheech and Chong stepped on Uncle Snoop’s GGN show this weekend. Obviously a lot of marijuana was smoked. if you are not watching GGN then you need to smoke more weed as Snoop is killing it. He gets the best guest and drops some seriously funny shit.

In this edition of ‘The Smokebox’, B-Real links up with Action Bronson & The Alchemist. The trio discuss hip-hop, professional wrestling, hockey stories, “Fuck, That’s Delicious”, “Mr. Wonderful”, best strains & much much all while smoking california’s finest green! Spark it up!

It was announced a couple weeks ago, that the one and only pimp daddy himself Snoop Dogg would be starring in the new season of Netflix series The Trailer Park series. The Trailer Park Boys finally make their way to the GGN desk to smoke trees with Nemo, talk about their movie Swearnet and repeatedly tell Randy to shut the FUCK up. All this and more on this week’s GGN

After giving fans a quick teaser the other week, Dizzy Wright is ready to unveil the full music video for his intro record on his new album The Growing Process, “Higher Learning.” Our recent digital cover story star (read that full story here) sits down in a class room to get his higher learning on, before walking along the rainy NY streets, all the way up to Fort Tryon Park

Adlib and Reef the Lost Cauze have dropped a teaser trailer for their upcoming Road Rage Tour with San Jose based hip-hop group I.L.A.M online. The tour is scheduled to kick off at the end of June and will run through the end of July. Adlib continues to tour in support of his recently released “Teenagers From Marz” collaborative album which he created with Rob The Viking from Swollen Members.

Adlib x Rob The Viking dropped the third installment of the Teenagers From Mars vlog series just dropped starring Adlib and Rob The Viking, and we have the exclusive peek of the album. This episode is titled “Destro” and has the boys going into detail about the track featured on their recently dropped collab album Teenagers From Mars. Read the full post on here:

The Kottonmouth Kings have announced they have been forced to cancel their current “The Family Reunion” Tour with (Hed)pe to continue working on their new album “Krown Power” for release later this summer via their newly relaunched United Family Music. Here is the message from the group’s Facebook page: “KMK has postponed tour to finish Krown Power and Launch United Familly Music. We apologize for the inconvenience. Use your tickets

Fresh off a month long Canadian tour in support of his new album “SCARS,” Merkules drops a brand new video for “Deep End” directed by Steve Van Diest.